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Gravity (Finally)
January 31, 2016

Hey, it's Zach. I know it's been a long time, but Gravity is ready to be released!

it isn't completely finished yet, but future updates will include an auto-update feature (I may make a launcher) so that the newest fixes/feature additions will show up automatically.

Also has a level editor so you guys can make your own levels! I may, in the future, add a level browse feature to the game so levels you guys make will be available from within the game in a community-like interface! (As of now, playing your own levels requires some tweaking of the game's files.)

Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

New Windows 10 Batch Font causes problems!
January 27, 2016

So, if any of you guys have upgraded to Windows 10, then you might have noticed that the Command Prompt has a new font! The font makes the Command Prompt look sleeker and more fitting to the Windows 10 theme, but this causes a big problem for Batch game programmers. The new font doesn't exactly go hand and hand with some of the old characters. Some of the characters include, the arrows, music note, gear symbol, heart symbol and most important of all, the little faces!! HOWEVER, there is a way to fix this. To fix, you must open a command prompt window, right click the top bar and click "Properties". In Command Prompt Properties, change the font from Consolas to Raster Fonts, and the size to whatever you perfer (8x12 is how it's set in previous versions of Windows). That's it! After that you can enjoy all the wonders of Batch games as they were meant to be played!




Super Block Jumper II Turbo!
January 25, 2016

RetroKitty with one more update! Block Jumper was a game I did a long time ago and it wasn't really very good. The code was excessively lengthy and the one map that came with it was small and not well-made. I figured I could do something with it, and about a half-year ago I updated a lot of the code. After going on a hiatus for around six months, I finally took the time to finish all the code and create a brand new level. The final result is pretty great, and I'll probably end up doing more with it in the future (level editor being on the top of my list). This'll be my last update before we finally put out the PokéBatch Pokédex! See you soon! :)

Super Batch Tetris gets an update!
January 20, 2016

Hi, RetroKitty again, and happy new year! It's been a while, but I've updated Super Batch Tetris to v1.5.0! The new updates includes levels, a line counter, a box displaying the next block, and some colours! The updated version is on the games page, so go check it out!
In other news, Kolto101 and I have been making a bit of headway with Pokémon Batch (or PokéBatch, or PokéDOS, we haven't really decided yet), and we will probably be releasing a standalone Pokédex soon to show that progress is being made, if very slowly, so make sure to keep an eye out for it :)

Applications? Weird things are happening guys!! (insert Incredibles reference here) 
December 5, 2015

Hey guys it's Zach, there are some changes (as you can probably tell) and membership applications is one of them (link on the homepage). We don't know how many we'll accept, and I know that there have been bad experiences with them in the past, but as one of the admins I plan on personally responding to every application that we get, be it good news or bad news. This could be a really good opportunity to bring some fresh ideas and talent into FARA. I'd also like to point out that we will now be posting software onto the site, so that's exciting! You can expect to see more happening in the next couple months, and things will (as always) pick up more once summer hits! Thanks to everyone who's been following the site even though we haven't been very active.. We aren't dead though! I also have a couple games that I plan on releasing very soon, and one of them has a level maker included! See you next update!

October 18, 2015

Hello, RetroKitty again. Updates are a bit slow around here lately, but I've got a new game for you that I made in Processing: Mastermind! Based on the original game, you have to guess a colour code generated by the computer in as few guesses as possible. It's still fairy basic, so I'll probably be adding some stuff later on. It's up on the games page, so try it out if you'd like :)

Portal CMD V2 
September 23, 2015

Hi everyone, this is RetroKitty. About two years ago I made Portal CMD with the help of Kolto101. The code was very basic and bulky, and it only had three tiny levels. Now, I've completely rebuilt the game, starting entirely from scratch. The new-and-improved version has smaller code, smoother gameplay, larger rooms, and much more room for extras. It only has one level right now, but I'll be creating more as soon as possible. I just want to get this out there because I've been working on it on and off for the past few months, and wanted to show everyone what I've been doing. It's available on the games page now, and you should expect to hear more from me soon :)
EDIT: Sorry for the buggy update there, I've issued a quick hotfix for a few bugs, and added two more levels. Enjoy!

July 30, 2015

Heeeeey, guys! So, RetroKitty (Formerly known as Race.Freak) has created a CMD game that very closely resembles Tetris! The game is still in development, but you can pick up your copy of Super Batch Tetris today! It is fully functional with easy to use controls (see readme text) and is a fun nifty little game that shows what amazing things you can accomplish in Batch! Enjoy! and stay tuned for more awesome projects!

Welcome to Summer! 
June 24, 2015

Hello people! Welcome to the summer of 2015! So, to kick off this summer, I'd like to release something that's been done for quite some time called the "Towers of Hanoi"! If you dont know what this is, it's a simple puzzle game where you have rings on 1 peg, and you have to transfer it to the right or left peg with the lowest number of moves as possible. It's a fun game and FaceRadiation has converted the game into Batch! It's still the same type of game, and it's no big project, but it's just a little something to tide you guys over until we release something a little fuller. So, check out the Towers of Hanoi, and I'll catch ya later!

Puzzle Games Galore! 
May 9, 2015

Hello, there! Welcome back to another segment of the news! Today, we have released an interesting puzzle game called Puzzle Cannon. This game was created by none other than the programmer, Barakados. Puzzle Cannon is a basic puzzle game where you shoot color out in four directions to make a pattern of 4 in a row. There is also a playlist of midi files to cycle from (you can also press the up arrow to stop it at any time). Instructions on how to play are included in-game :) In other news, there is a small project being done by FaceRadiation called "Towers of Hanoi". Basically, he is recreating the puzzle game known as "Towers of Hanoi" in Batch. This is mainly just a proof of concept to show that it can be done. Besides, it's just a simple little game that'll be done in about a week or so. Either way, stay tuned, and don't forget to check out "Puzzle Cannon"!

"Le Game"? 
March 4, 2015

Soo, FARA Games has been a bit dead recently, but there is some talk about Joao working on a game called "Le Game". Basically, the game is a top-down adventure-type game where you walk around and make it to the goal. There are only a few levels so far, and they aren't in their complete format. The game was originally programmed in a language called "Pascal" But because of code complications, he's moved it to Java. In Java, he's working in his new light engine, so that'll be a plus! The picture on the right is a little example of the game in Java, and the picture on the bottom is a basic idea of what the levels might look like. Either way, stay tuned for more!

Fruit Revenge! 
January 29, 2015

First things first, welcome to the new year, everyone! I hope 2015 will treat you well! Anyway, there's been some interesting news floating around FARA Games recently about a new quick and simple game about fruit called Fruit Revenge. It's basically a simple arcade game about throwing fruit (at ninjas). The core game has already been programmed, but Nick6725 will need to fix a few bugs and add menus and things like that to the game before it's uploaded onto the site. Also, on another wing of FARA Games, there's production of a 3D Engine. The programmer, Joao, has already added a ground collision system, a 3D light system, a third person mode, a first person mode (although, it's still buggy) and terrain generation from height maps! So, stay tuned in the near future for Fruit's Revenge, and soon enough, something in this new 3D Engine!

Merry Christmas from FARA Games! 
December 26, 2014

We would just like to thank you all for playing our games! And new games are still on the way! Like Zed's Revenge and Blicka. Also, I don't think we've talked much about PokeDOS reciently, but that's just because progress has been a little slow in that area of work. Either way, things will pick up after the holidays as they always do, so stay with us!

Blicka redux, and Zed's Revenge work! 
December 4, 2014

Hey, guys just an update to tell you what accomplishments we've done since the last news post. A short while back, Barakados had a simple, unfinished project that you may have seen called "Blicka". Blicka was a puzzle-like game where you push blocks and kill enemies to get to the goal. The project hadn't had any work for a few months, but this recently changed. Barakados has now completely redone the code of Blicka and talks about things he may add to the game. The game is said to have story mode that'll take about 5-10 minutes if you know what you're doing. As for Zed's Revenge, the game is around 70% complete and will feature fighting style very similar to Pokemon or Final Fantasy. That's all for now ;)

Looks like I have to update the news, huh? 
October 17, 2014

So, yeah, as you might see, there isn't much news for FARA Games. we aren't working on too much. As you may know, school has started for all of us so we've mainly been focusing on that rather than our games. It's not that they are discontinued but it's just that they've been paused. Also, I've been working on improoving my youtube channel much more than I've been working on my games. I'm very sorry but you might not see much from us this month. Hopefully things will pick up later. Also, if you haven't downloaded your copy of Textcraft 9.1, then I suggest you do so ;)

Finally what? 
September 4, 2014

Yeeesssss, Textcraft 9.1 has officially been released on FARA Games! It will come to GameJolt in 2 weeks. So, that Textcraft has been what? Well, basically, we are all working on our own projects. In PokeDOS, Kolto101 has added many mechanics on the trainer AI. He states that the trainer AI is the absolute hardest part about making the game. Also, Magic: Zed's Revenge is doing alright. FaceRadiation has added the black key to get into the black castle. This game is heavily inspired by the game, Adventure, for the Atari 2600. Remember to give Textcraft 9.1 a try. it has major bug fixes and it will most likley be the last you hear from it. 2 years....done. Stay tuned for more awesome games :)

Textcraft....the end! 
August 31, 2014

As you must have read in the Title, Textcraft is rapidly approaching it's LAST update. this update will be 9.1 and will fix ALL bugs with 9.0. These bugs include the nether, saving and MUUUCH more. I, FaceRadiation, have worked on this game for 2 years and it is DONE. yes DOONE. Finally. Sure, it lacks some of the things that Minecraft has, but it is basically, Minecraft. If I find anymore bugs after the release of 9.1, I will fix them. With a new Update. I am also thinking of a trailer for the game, much like the final release of DePopulation, which was created earlier this year.

More info on PokeDOS and Magic: Zed's Revenge! 
July 29, 2014

Soo, FaceRadiation's and Race.Freaks birthdays just past so yeah, that's a thing. but also we've been  brewing up some more AWESOMENESS. Starting with Magic: Zed's Revenge, it is about 50% done. I'm surprised I've actually gotten this far into development. So, basically I've added a cave called "GobliCave" and it has tons of Goblins there is other stuff in the cave but I don't want to spoil much ;) Also I have an ending planned that will be pretty awesome because there will be an ending cut scene which is something I will definitely do! As for PokeDOS, there are many significant improvements. The main developer, Kolto101, says, "The goal of the Pokemon Batch team is to recreate the original RBY games, mirroring everything from stat mechanics to AI. We want the battling system in PokeDOS to resemble and feel like the original battling system". So, yeah. as this quote says, the team is working on the battling system right now. Don't expect to see PokeDOS anytime soon and it is also a bit early in development to schedule a release date, but I will definitely try and keep you guys updated on any news until then. Here's some ASCII Art!

PokeDOS (AKA Pokemon Batch) 
June 25, 2014

Soo, PokeDOS has some serious updating going on! Now, there is a pretty sweet Pokedex! Along with some new citys added, and a sweet looking title screen! The pokedex now SCROLLS and looks awesome. Also, The game is mapped all the way to celadon city, which is quite an improvement from the last update. Music and Sound runs smoothly. you can actually choose between listening the audio through a MIDI file, or an MP3 file (Yes, there actually is a sound difference). Sooo, yeah, check out these awesome pictures of the game!

Textcraft, Zed's Revenge, Pokemon Batch! 
June 7, 2014

Hello everybody and welcome back to another news casting of FARA Games! I will be your host, FaceRadiation! Textcraft 9.0 has some very interesting bugs and there will soon be an update 9.1 that fixes these bugs! I am very sorry for the poor programming on my part. for Magic: Zed's Revenge, progress continues! This game will be a fairly short game that can probably be completed in a matter of 10 - 20 minutes. The game so far consists of battles with Goblins, caves, collision, beginning, and more! But I do plan MUCH MUCH more with this series including a medicine woman, a cave with a bunch of goblins, battles with Dragons, and of coarse, the BOSS battle. Now, as for Pokemon Batch, there has been AMAZING change to that game. The mechanics are still in progress but there is pretty much everything in pallet town and route 1 except battles! Those are not in the game yet. But it is still major progress! If you continue checking on the site, then look for Textcraft 9.1, and Zed's Revenge!

Textcraft 9.0 Released! 
May 19, 2014

Hello everybody, its FaceRadiation saying that Textcraft 9.0 has been released (you probably read the title) Yeaah, well, in Textcraft 9.0, I fixed the MAJOR bug where if you do not kill herobrine, and he kills you, then the game does not crash! Also, I added the full torch logic! Now when you walk on a spot that says "TORCH" then there is a torch in that spot! Also, Zombies spawn at random! When there is not a torch in the spot you are standing on it is a 5% chance you'll land on a zombie! when there is torch there, it becomes a .05% chance! so yeah! Enjoy Textcraft 9.0, Textcraft 1.0.0 will hopefully have Textcraft Online!

The "Magic" Series 
April 29, 2014

Heeeey guys, there hasn't been a lot happening as you see, but recently I (FaceRadiation) have been working on a game called "Magic: Zed's Revenge" this game is really great compared to the other stuff I have been working on. It so far has a world, character, plot, menu, some code and so on! The game is about 2 wizards named Zed and Kane who are brothers and hate each other. I am SUPER hyped for this series and think that you will all like it at home! In the future, we plan on putting in lots of stuff soon. I cannot release much about it because I actually started the project 4/17/14 and not much progress has been made. Although I have a picture to share with you! Enjoy! Also, come back soon to see a pre-release of the game! 

Some new stuff! 
Febuary 24, 2014

Hey, so theres some new stuff in the games section! including RaceFreak's game that I was planning to upload 3 months ago, but never did. the name of the game is Block Jumper! and it has been released for you to play! Also, today, CMD Rogue has been released with another update! This update has numerious bug fixes and lots of other stuff! So, thats what we've been doing! Stay tuned for MORE Games! 

Depopulation Final release! 
January 2, 2014

I welcome everybody to a new year and a new game! DePopulation 3D, the game that has been worked on for an entire year is released today (or tonight, depending on where you live). Soo, just go to the "Games" section and get your copy! I hope you like it! This update includes of coarse, the ending piece of the game, and the save feature which I have put of for so long! But, its finally there! By the way, when your playing, you might be wondering, "where is the save button?" Well, actually there is no save button, the game auto-saves at the begining of every mission. The game has a KILLER ending and as always, stay tuned for more games!

Much Worked on. Very FARA. Wow. 
December 27, 2013

Soo, as of the moment I am working on DePopulation. It is actually comming along nicley and close to the last update! After that I will need to test Textcraft servers, and then we'll have 9.0 Beta up! And once Last Defiance has the option to create their own account, that'll be up too! So we're not doing nothing (again)

Blicka Upload! 
October 22, 2013

As you should know, Blicka has been uploaded! Remember: This is a Pre-Alpha version, so there is not much to do. soon there will be more levels and a more in-depth concept. What will be in the next update will probably be sounds, super-bombs and more levels! Super-bombs are basically bombs, but they have a bigger blast radius and they have a 1/2 chance of breaking a wall! So, there is more on the way! Just be a bit more patient and it will be released! And remember to check out what has already been done with Blicka by looking for it in the "Games" Category! Enjoy!

'Ello Again! 
October 17, 2013

Hey guys! We have been working on future releases! As an update, I don't exactly know fixed dates, although, I do know that Blicka is under SERIOUS development and is expected to be released sometime next week as an early alpha release. There is only one level, but much has been advanced on the logic and the way things work! So expect Blicka to be up very very soon! Also, with Pokemon Batch, I see they've finished the Pokedex! Which is a GREAT achivment! 

Murica Town & BattleRush 
September 14, 2013

Remember Battle Rush? Well, if you dont recall, it's a cool game inspired by Mortal Kombat created by Race.Freak! It's a cool battle game where its a post-apocalypse world where all machines have been destroyed and people result back to swords and other weapons to fight! Its a great game. Now as for 'Murica Town news, its going good. I had found out how to change the font of the game to what I desire. Which is pretty cool. Also, I will soon add a way to make Baconated Pizza! You'll be able to sell it on the street corner and that'll be your job! Enjoy the pics!

Pokemon Batch! gotta Batch 'em all! 
September 4, 2013

Here, as you can see, is the Pokemon Batch news! Pokemon Batch is going incredibly well with the new features of Experience, experience points, deter values, PC System and the Data Sync! As shown, Pokemon Batch is doing very well. although the World Map is still in development. As for Depopulation, things are going the way they should with maps, healthshots and more! The story is also advancing to see what happens in Bosconian, California!

Java Stuff! 
August 25, 2013

Well, as you can see we are working on many Java games. There's Jozo with a new game called Destruction! And Barakados working on Blicka, and FaceRadiation working on a neglected project, Murica Town! YES, we are working on stuff, progress! Depopulation is still in progress. As with all of the other Batch games. I still have yet to test Textcraft LAN, but when it is tested, I shall upload as soon as possible! Blicka now has swords and a number of new crazy features! Also, we have Joaogl working on Last Defiance! This game has advanced to the point where there is soon online multiplayer!

No real update but... 
August 15, 2013

Not really any big breakthroughs. But when I successfully test Textcraft LAN, and it works, I will upload Textcraft 9.0! But as of the moment, Textcraft will be at update 8.0, sorry. Although, I was thinking of getting back into The Cat! Yeees, so look for an update 1.3 soon! I already have ideas for Textcraft 1.0.0 Which include colors! And more places to move around to! Also, Blicka is doing quite well. We are trying to get a beta build to upload so you guys can see the magical world of Blicka! In Blicka as of the moment there are ATTACKABLE monsters and swords! An inventory and NPC's! HAZAH! So, we are NOT doing nothing, we just dont have many games up :P

FARA Games' first Birthday! 
August 4, 2013

It has finally come. FARA Games' first birthday! so much has happened in this year and we are looking forward to giving you good games next year! Speaking of which, why not start off by releasing DePopulation 3D Update 0.1.0! YES. It has finally updated! The story advances quite a bit as you try to escape the city and enter the town of Bosconian, California! Also, Barakados is furthering production on Blicka! We might be ablse to sneak a peek at the Alpha production soon! This game has MUCH potential and its starting to look really good with Monster AI and swords! Also, Textcraft 9.0 might come out soon if we figgure out if the LAN server works! it is so far untested, but hopefully you will all be able to play with your friends in your favorite Text-based Minecraft game! 

Batch, Batch, and more Batch! (and Ruby?) 
July 31, 2013

Hello followers of FARA Games! We have some exciting news today! GinDiamond's game - a roguelike called CMDRogue - has been released onto the site as a pre-beta! It is a HUGE project! He has been working on it for a YEAR AND THREE MONTHS! It is the first roguelike in Batch of it's kind! It features multi-color ASCII graphics, arrow key controls, and an awesome collision detection system and mob AI! It truly is amazing! Go check it out on the "GAMES" page! Also, he has been working on a project called 3atchD, which is a 3D engine: for BATCH! We can't wait to see what this will turn into! Even more: Nick6725 is working on an .EXE that makes it possible to have a GUI - in Batch! Just like the one you are using to look at our news! So, I guess that is a lot of Batch...Pokemon Batch is also still in development! We have managed to get a hold of all the game scripts! That saves weeks of work!(YAY!) Also, Race.Freak's game: Block Jumper is being uploaded! It is a sort of Batch Parkour game all done in ASCII! Go see for yourselfs! Nick6725 may be working on something in Ruby!

DePopulation, Blicka, Pokemon and so on! 
July 29, 2013

Hazah! The amazing Barakados is finally working on Blicka again! And soon, maybe in the next few weeks or so, there will be a beta release of the game! As for me (FaceRadiation), I am working on Depopulation with a piece of the story done! I will kink a little bit of the bugs but it should be uploaded tomorrow! Of coarse the game is still in beta, and the story is still going on, but I have kept you people wating long enough for your ASCII FPS Game! The story may just keep going and going! Also, Nick6725 is working on a game that is as of the moment called "Dungeon Keep" I am not sure if this is going to be the actual game title, but it is still in development! Textcraft LAN has not been worked on in a little while, but Textcraft 9.0 might even have what we call the "beauty update" which basically means the blocks will be colored! For Pokemon Batch, there have been quite a few breakthroughs! Nothing confirmed yet, as it is very early in development but soon there will be awesome stuff! As for BattleRush, well, it seems to be put on hold because RaceFreak is working on Pokemon Batch! Hopefully while the game is in Alpha, we will sneak you a peek of the production!

Pokemon Batch? 
July 25, 2013

Sorry if this update is late, gotta remember to do this! At FARA, we have put together our resources, and made a smaller subdivision dedicated to making a Pokemon Batch game! We don't have much to show yet, but it will be based on the original Pokemon games: Red, Blue, and Yellow. On the project right now is: Kolto101, FaceRadiation, Race.Freak, OmegaDeltaZD, Gindiamond2, and Nick6725. In other news, FaceRadiation is working on updates for DePopulaton, and OmegaDeltaZD is still working on Maze of Interitus! Nick6725 is making a new game that he calls Dungeon Keep, in which you navigate through dungeons to find treasure chests! Have any suggestions? Leave us a message to the right! And if you have any programming experience, and might want to join the team, apply up above! Just click "JOIN"

Chicken Run is gone. 
July 21, 2013

Just a quick news update: Chicken Run has been removed... It was realized that it was really just a copy of Avoider, with graphics. So, it will be discotinued. Sorry about that. Also, the news will hopefully be updated more often. (Once a week on Wednesdays.) So that's good! Will keep you updated!

Multiplayer! Multiplayer! Multiplayer! 
July 20, 2013

Great news! FaceRadiation is making updates to Textcraft! He is adding multiplayer(LAN)! Barakados is also working on a possible multiplayer project as well! As for Battle Rush, It is going nicely, and may get uploaded to the site soon! Gravity, though is one thing that has slowed down.. Nick6725 is putting it to the side for a while due to some bugs in code. BUT he has made another game! Chicken Run! It is a relatively simple game where you avoid cars while running down the road - and yes, you're a CHICKEN! So we are working hard to roll out new games!

OMG The news is back! 
July 12, 2013

We've been working on a lot recently. So I'm going to spill it out. FARAGames has changed in so many ways. New management, smaller team, and bigger smiles on our face! So lets' see.... Nick6725 has been working on a new game called gravity! It's an amazing game and it's very nice in the sense that it plays on the interesting aspect of controlling gravity. Race.Freak has been working on a game in which certain chemicals react together to do things. Not much has been provided BUT it will be soon. Barakados has been working on a game which has a metallic theme similar to Race.Freak, but it is used in a sepeaate way. Well, I wanted to do something different in the news and ask you a question... What kind of games do you want us to make? Have any ideas? Maybe a thought? Tell us what you want to by clicking on the button to the right. Go ahead, click it. We know you want to...

OMG No news in a month! 
May 2, 2013

Yes, I'm very sorry guys, I have not been writting the news, but production countinues! It is quite slow indeed. First off, we have been quite busy with other activities. BUT we have not been doing nothing! I have not been working on Textcraft, but I am improoving DePopulation! Also Race.Freak is working on his game "Battle Rush" in C++! IN OTHER NEWS, There will be a game released in the next few months called ZC Rouge. Which is a run-for-your-life kinda zombie game in Batch. BUT with REAL zombie AI! And it looks AMAZING! Thanks to Kolto101! Another Pre-Alpha game is Maze of Interitus which is a basic mouse maze made by OmegaDeltaZD! (His first game!) YAY!

Textcraft 8.0 released! 
April 2, 2013

Yes, it has indeed! I've put in a LOT of time into this update! And I hope you enjoy it! It includes a LOT of new features and TONS of bug fixes!

Deleted games? 
March 29, 2013

Yes, yes, if you have not noticed, some of the batch games have been deleted! Yes, this is for the reason that I will only be publishing GOOD batch games instead of ALL of them! Yes yes. Also production continues! I have somewhat been working on DePopulation and Textcraft. and RaceFreak has been working on his RPG in C++!! Barakados is working on Blicka (It's a big game)!! So we are NOT doing nothing!!! LOL!

Whoa, look, the news has cobwebs! 
March 17, 2013

Okay, I think you guys have see, I've been a little Inactive lately at the news. Yea, sorry. But we HAVE been doing stuff in the FARA Chat room! We have gained 3 new members who know much! And we finally have a MUSICIAN!!!!!! YAY! He's been my friend since Middle School. I had no clue he was a musician!!! Okay, you guys might want to know what his style is right? Well, at the bottom of this news article, there will be a link to download his song! Its called Soft Lights. It looks amazing! So, the 2 other members are really cool. they know Java, Javascript, Objective-C and so on! So yea. We were NOT sitting on our asses and playing other peoples games all day. We were actually doing something!

Production countinues @ FARA Games 
Febuary 25, 2013

Well, since I talk to OmegaDeltaZD everyday, I hear the production of the Text Converter! (Encrypter/Decrypter) And he is adding new things like Cop Talk, 1337 speak (leet speak) and many others! I am still working on DePopulation! I havent made any progress on it lately but I have been thinking of ideas! And I am thinking of improving Textcraft maybe! And last but not least, 'Murica Town! Where I have not made much progress on because of some issues. But Barakados is working on Blicka and that is expected to be released this friday! yay!

DePopulation Alpha 0.7 now released! 
Febuary 17, 2013

WELL, now DePopulation version 0.7 has been released as shown! You can easily download this in the Games catagory! The first online game has been released! Well, technically its the second, but Snake timed out, and is no longer on Barakados' site. Oh well, he still has the source, so it'll be up soon! Kolton is actually working on his first java game! I dont have many detals yet, bt it sounds pretty good! I am also getting the hang of java, with my game 'Murica Town! The first release shall be created around march 20th - 30th!

Happy Valentines Day!! 
Febuary 14, 2013

Okay, well, the spammer has been updated to 2.0 so check that out! Also, I have been working on Murica Town! You can see my changes in the twitter feed! but I do not want to upload it yet! Also, We are getting people to make Co Bots work for Mac and Linux! So, that'll be good! Also, here is som progress on 'Murica Town! Background art courtesy of OmegaDeltaZD! 

Sorry about inactivity :( 
Febuary 9, 2013

I noticed we've been a little inactive on the site, but at the FARA Games lab, we've made some awesome test games and stuff! I'm of coarse looking for a new language, So at the moment I'm working on C# and I might quit it and go back to Java, I need to finish my game made in LWJGL. On another note Barakados is making a REALLY fun game called FireLine, where you can basically have fire, water and sulfur and mix them around and do awesome stuff with it!!! We might add more materials to the game! He is also working on the game Blika, which is kind of a 2D Game where you solve puzzles by moving around blocks to other areas and actuvate switches and open doors and so on! Its a REALLY fun game.

Random news? 
Febuary 2, 2013

WELL, I am still working on DePopulation! But, I dont exactly know if I should work on textcraft. I dont know what to add to 8.0. Also, Barakados' Blicka is still going! It looks like a good game, it is very fun and written in java so  it can work on all platforms! It is good to see mixed-platform games! Also Escape 2D has been cancelled, because the code got too confusing, and I never really made anything with it. I'm also starting to work in Java again! And The text spammer should be updated soon!!

NEW Games Released soon! 
January 30, 2013

Awesome, new games will be released soon! Like Barakados' Blicka which is basically a game of moving blocks around to complete little puzzles and MY game, Escape! 2D! Basically a sequel but NO LONGER text based!

New Textures! 
January 24, 2013

If you can see, we have a new texture on the site! I personally think it looks much better than the drabby brown old one! SO...other news! Barakados has been working on a game called Blicka! It is also our second online game! It will be realeased sometime next month or so, well, Also, the Text Spammer will be updated soon with an E-mail spammer too!!! Also, I realized DePopulation wasn't uploaded LOL, well, I fail. Its uploaded now, don't worry! Also, ARTISTS WANTED!! Go to Join to see if you are suitable to be an artist!

DePopulation Alpha RELEASED! 
January 21, 2013

Originally called UnPopulation, this game has been released for the first time ever! Check out the GAMES section to download the game! Also, this is obvously not the FULL game, the full game will be released probably in late febuary. But also, I see that the Online Games section hasn't been touched in a while, we will get back to making online games soon! I also added x32 bit computer support for 4 of the batch games, I realized that some of the games were only for x64 bit computers. I had no clue, well, I fixed that now. Also, if a game is only for 64 bit computers (for whatever reason) It will say "(x64)" next to the name! AND if it says "(microsoft.NET)" next to the name, that means you need .NET framework for that game/application! Just google .NET Framework, you'll find it ;)

Info on UnPopulation 
January 13, 2013

HEY! I have to say that my Batch game called UnPopulation is looking awesome!! but, sadly, it is a very big game, so I am not releasing it for a while, sorry guys, I WILL show you screenshots of my work though! FYI, unPopulation is in Batch, ya, but it is also in 3D! well, not exactly 3D, it has 2 coordinates, so its 2D, but for a batch game, it is impossible to include 3 coordinates, so...its 3D in my world! Its looking awesome with some great music in by Scripternoob and some awesome sounds by Barakados! And thank you for some BEAUTIFUL ascii art! I did do the UnPopulation title myself, but it did all the awesome stuff, like the gun, and the people shooting! its a great game, and its FULL release is expected next month, but I shall give you beta releases untill then! STAY TUNED!

Textcraft 7.0 RELEASE! 
January 11, 2013

AWESOME! I uploaded Textcraft 7.0 YAYAYAYA!! I finally completed it! Also, I do realize its been a little while since I have told you anything, so there will be an Encrypter/ Decrypter created by OmegaDeltaZD! Awesome. And I am working on an amazing game called unPopulation! Its looking amazing!

FARA Update! 12/31/12

HEY! This is a quick update saying that first, Kolto's game: BattleShip in batch is up! Also, for Textcraft, I have added 11 spaces to walk on in the Nether and there is a way to get back. I have also added SOUND! And I shall soon add Zombie Pig Men, and other nether features! ALSO, Barakados is working on a block game! NOT Minecraft related, but you can move the blocks in the blocky world! Yes! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! FARA Games has been around since august 4th and we are hoping to be around to see august 4th 2013!! And FARA Games will be 1 year old! YAY!

The Cat Has been updated! And FaraScript Editor! 
December 26, 2012

OK, First off, Mr Nashington has left FARA, but he is still letting me work on The Cat! Which is brilliant news! also, this update consists of a further in-depth mission of the story, and also so fixes like a Loot Chest Cleaner! This game is amazing and is develouping far! Stay tuned for more important updates! Now, just download the update version and have some fun! soon, I might add ways to keep your previous version, but to update you but specific files in TheCat_Data! That would be fun! Also, Textcraft is comming along good! the nether is comming smoothly with netherrack, but no glowstone or zombie pigs yet! Stay intouch with FARA for more news about Textcraft! Now, for the FaraScript editor, go to Applications, and you shall find it! It is basically a program where you can make your own .fara files! They consist of 2D games!!! you can also make your own if you understand how to code it! Its pretty simple! But its also fun to see what you guys make! FaraScript is great if you've always wanted to make 2D Batch games!

December 23, 2012

Hey guys! I have some cool news! I am starting to work on Textcraft and The Cat yet again! I forgot to tell you that I stoped working on The Cat with Mr.Nashington, But now I am back and working on it yet again! ALSO, I am now working on Textcraft 7.0 Beta!!! YAY! I hope you guys enjoy this awesome update! It consists of THE NETHER!! Which will be very hard! But worth doing! Also, in The Cat I have created a battle with a Snake!! I am currently working on update 1.2! And Merry Christmas guys! We may be able to get a Christmas game up! And I hope you enjoy Race.Freak's Portal CMD!! It looks brilliant!

Text Spammer and other news! 
December 20, 2012

WELL! Tomorrow's the end of the world (not like anyone believes it) but I think we should make a text spammer right before the world ends! Maybe someone will spam the shit out of something CAUSING THE WORLD TO END!!!!! Haha! Well, Yes the text spammer is avalable in the Applications section! NOW FOR THE OTHER NEWS: Well, I must say, there is not that much other news. but with the little news that there is, there are soon going to be online games! NO WAITING! Just click and play instantly! Also, Kolto says he wants to finish up his Batch BattleShip game before Christmas!!!!!! YAEE!

December 2, 2012

THE CAT! AMAZING BATCH GAME! Its just frieking great. me and Mr.Nashington are working on it. It is very cool! Great ASCII Art and a beautiful story line. I have just updated it with a few little tweaks and edits! Also I am starting to make Minecraft Mods!!! They are released on Planet Minecraft! LOOK UP xCRAZYHOBOx on planet minecraft!!! ITS ME! 

Well, Good and Bad news 
November 25, 2012

Ok, Remember Felix? sure he didn't make anything, but he was a HUGE help in the FARA Games industry, he decided to quit FARA Games and join Gumball Studios. Well, I'm perfectly fine without him. IN OTHER NEWS: Thankskilling has been updated and now it includes MANY Bug fixes, like the no sound glitch and the "The screen doesn't pop up in the center" glitch! So, yea! Also, a little news on Kolto's game BattleShip! It is looking great! He has given the first copy to me and it is looking great! He is still taking out the bugs that were spotted.

November 20, 2012

Hey guys, Thanksgiving is in 2 days and to honor you guys, Barakados is making a Thanksgiving game called Thankskilling!!! I still don't exactly know what its about, but it looks good! Because I saw him and CoDee talking about GRAPHICS for the game! And this is great! Because CoDee is a great artist and all his GREAT artistic skills are going into the game that Barakados is making! Also, DIYMaze has been sent to me and it looks pretty cool! I looked for bugs and spotted some, now Barakados is fixing them while CoDee is pausing The Pixel Games to work on the art for Barakados!

MANY new games! 
November 17, 2012

Yes, I haven't made news in 6 days. BUT...I now can say that We have many new programmers! So games are being made a little quicker now! Also, I know you haven't heard much from CoDee, well, He is now working on an ONLINE game called The Pixel Games! guessed it! Its a hunger games parody! Its really great! And also I might try to learn Visual Basic so there might be some more object-oriented games there! Also Barakados is working in some more Mixed-Platform games! The game he is working on currently is called DIYMaze, and that is A-MAZE-ING! haha, corny joke XD! BUT it is a great game where you make your own maze with Teleporters and enemys and all sorts of EVERYTHING! Its a great game with loads of Pixelated opprotunitys! Also, I am working on a program called FaraScript! That is my OWN programming language! It is writen in batch and a BETA release should be out soon! WAIT WAIT...Also Kolto is a new programmer and he has made the hit game BatchSnake! its snake writen in BATCH!!! LOL! Its great! you really need to check that out if you haven't already!

November 11, 2012

Yes, it is true, Textcraft has gotten around 70+ downloads! and my deal was if it can be downloaded 50 times, you get the source, now, that is with any game! Not just Textcraft. So keep downloading games! I would've released the source earlier, BUT I couldn't due to the fact that my account wasn't working right, but NOW It does and now the source is released! Next to Textcraft, there will be a new button that says Textcraft Source! and that will take you to the part of my site that carrys the source! DOWNLOAD NOW!

November 10, 2012

So many new people means so many new GAMES! people are uploading games left and right! the new ones should be up today! WELCOME TO FARA Race.Freak! We are expecting good games from you! HIS games should be uploaded pretty soon! I have about 4 Batch games that he has made that are pretty goods!

November 8, 2012

Hey, guys! If you hate those banner ads at the home page of FARA games and other great sites, you should use AdBlock to eliminate those ads! google it! ITS GREAT! I am just using those ads so I can get Money to benifit the site! we have gained almost 20 cents and I would love it if we get a lot more! so please, download games, and stay with us!!!

OK! I got an IDEA!!! 
November 7, 2012

YAY! Idea time! Here is the idea, I have been getting a request to release the source code to Textcraft, well, I would love too! BUT I have an idea, I will release it when it gets 50 Downloads!!! and then...I'll post a new tab next to the Textcraft download link that says: SOURCE CODE!!! and then you can Get the source and write in it as you will! And I'm really glad that the game will be open source!

Ok...Sorry but... 
November 4, 2012

Barakados is no longer working on chicken defence, he got to caught up in the problems and quit, BUT he is working on a Laser simulator and that game is pretty fun! but, He has been having some problems so dont get your hopes too high. Also, if you have not checked out that our games are now being scanned with my AVG virus protector and they contain NO virus'! Also if you have not seen, we have a LOGO now! the thing next to "FARA GAMES" in the header is the new logo! And now to join you now can put your skype name, and I urge you to do so if you are considering of joining!

November 2, 2012

I just needed to inform you that Barakados is making a new game which he has been working on for some time now, called Chicken Deffence! Which is basically a re-make of the game Tower Deffence which is actually looking good! I have played the earily Alpha version where he barely added drag-and-drop which was like 2 weeks ago! but now he has excelled by a lot! He has added towers, and many many other things, although I have never played these newer versions of the game but I think it is exciting! I would love for him to finish with-in the next 2 weeks or so, but this is a BIG projecto, so, it may be a while! But anyway, It is still mixed-platform!! So you Mac users can play it! Its comming along swell!

FARA is going Cross-Platform! 
November 1, 2012

Yes, Its true! If you own a Mac, you can now play FARA games!!! Well, a couple of them for that matter! But, Im sure there will be A LOT more games for Mac users once I learn AppleScript and Barakados uploads more of his java games! Ahh, I love Java, Im trying to learn it myself! Java is complex but fun! and Notch used it to make Minecraft when Mojang was a small company, and I'll hopefully make an amazing game and FARA will turn into a big company also, I know you may think this is sad, but it is progress on the FARA team: We are really close to making some money! and please, download games, It really helps us a lot! Soo....Mac users...stay TUNED!!!

Ok...Ok...This is great!! 
October 29, 2012

I found out a couple minutes ago that when you type in "fara games" in on Yahoo, THIS SITE IS THE SECOND RESULT!!!! That is great, because when you type it in on Google, the BIG buisness' come out on top. I didn't realize this...but now I see that Yahoo puts more un-popular things closer to the top so that small buisness' can GROW!!!! AMAZING! FARA is now a strong supporter of Yahoo!! Although, this is the "webs" website, becuase ".tk" offers zero trafficing and marketing. But thats ok!! Also, If I get enough Money from and Donations, I might actually be able to change the domain to! that'll be better and FAR more prfessional looking! also, to help me raise money from, just download games!!! THATS IT!!

Ahhh...More people taking on the Team! 
October 28, 2012

FARA now has a brilliant Java programmer named Barakados! He programmed a game called Avoider! which is great! and very addicting! Also, check out the new Programmers page for all the FARA programmers and their work! I must say, the new guy is great! But CoDee and Momentum are still amazing! I also programmed my game Line Maker, where you make LINES! and draw and shtuff!

Chek out S.O.L.D 
October 27, 2012

HEY! SOLD is a great army-type game where you can buy weapons and kill people and everything! It even has cheats where you can tyoe in what you want to change and it will!! Please download!! Its the first game made by FARAs newest member!! Also, I have made something in python that I shall share!! ITS A DRAWING-THINGY!!!

October 25, 2012

YES!! I am finally done with Textcraft!!!!! It has some awesome stuff!!! Many Many bug fixes, but the main hard part was creative!!! There are only a couple bugs, like when you save the game and play it again, all the spaces that are not filled with anything, dont exist!! But that can be fixed if you hit C and that will open up the space and should go back to its normal size! But anyway, that is the best I could make it. Its still pretty amazing!!! with over 5300 lines of code, its still my favorate batch game that I have created! ALSO, I am learning Python, with the installment of Pygame! so I will be able to make games that are not in text based format! I am no longer updating Textcraft, there is nothing more to add.

Game releases soon! 
October 18, 2012

Momentum (the NEWEST programmer to FARA) is making a couple of batch games that seem really fun! I have played them! Momentum is a great programmer who knows a WILD amount of programming languages. ALSO, I forgot to tell you, In CoDee's game CoBots, to respawn push R! ALSO Textcraft 6.0 is comming out soon! Creative mode is having some problems!

Co-Bots, OUT NOW 
October 15, 2012

Alright! Co-Bots is looking pretty great thanks to CoDee, who is the artist AND a programmer for FARA! Co-Bots is basically a game where you can control 2 robots (You can have a partner control the other bot if you wish) that work together and find a way out of every puzzle! Its an AMAZING game that has multiple levels and is still be worked on! so stay tuned! Also, If you haven't noticed, I updated the banner saying the exact date that FARA was made!

I remember when... 
October 9, 2012

Before I created FARA, I remember when I frowned apon GameMaker...But that is untill I met CoDee and he showed me his work! Then I realized that GameMaker is pretty Kick-ass!!! So if you even know GameMaker, you can join FARA! GameMaker is pretty simple, but It took me a while to get into it! So, if you frown apon GameMaker, you should give it a try and see peoples work. Your mood may change!

October 8, 2012

Textcraft will enter BETA once 6.0 officially comes out! 6.0 is going to have creative mode. Which is still being worked on! Also, It has a cooler (I think) looking menu, because instead of all those Zeros I changed those to Actual Pixel-looking Icons! which looks slighly better! Also in Textcraft I might actually be creating a way to play your creative mode levels in survival, but I don't know how that logic will even work yet, so do not keep your hopes up. Also, If you haven't noticed the Java game is paused, It is paused because I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I was just copying from a video. And thats not good! So I may actually never get back to it. Sooo....yea

October 4, 2012

HELLO! I must say that CoDee is making very cool games in C++! ALSO, I have been working on Textcraft 5.0! YAY! Im very glad that progress is being made because I must say that I LOVE coding it. Textcraft is a very fun game and I think it may enter BETA pretty soon! ALSO, CoDee is working on some awesome games which include a game called Co-Bots which is in alpha mode right now. And his other game Terminal which is also in alpha, but a demo wasn't released to the Beta Testers yet, sooo I don't know how that is yet! GAMES RELEASED SOON

Updated Games! 
September 24, 2012

The games Textcraft and Mini Miners have been updated! Textcraft now has pigs and lots of other things! While Mini Miners now has more advanced levels!

September 22, 2012

BOY! I am tierd, I just ran a 3 mile race and my knee is SOAR! so ANYWAY, yea...theres now a subscribe button if you want to get news about FARA in your e-mail! TO SUBSCRIBE...

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Escape! 3D game fixed! 
September 21, 2012

YAY! Escape! 3D link has been fixed! it is awesome! Im sorry it didn't work for a while, I was just informed and it has been updated. IN OTHER NEWS: Textcraft has been updated 3.0! YAY! 3.0 is the awesome SAVED GAME update, and with also LOTS AND LOTS of other stuff!

Textcraft update 3.0 on its way! 
September 19, 2012

In update 3.0, I add SO MUCH stuff! like ores, day/night cycle, hunger, spawning zombies, visible zombies, SAVED GAME, random text at the menu and MORE! so much more that I forgot them and should have made a list! But, yes. This game is not really in need of an update, but I work on it NON-STOP! and it updates constatly! I know you guys will want more mobs, but Its just kinda hard! so you guys mght have to stick with zombies for a little while. Also, I fixed MANY bugs. ENJOY WHEN IT COMES!

                                         Heres a little video of me working on Textcraft 3.0:

Textcraft has been updated! 
September 16, 2012

ALRIGHT!! I have been working on textcraft for only a couple days and I have encounterd many problems with the code and my CMD. My CMD started to get super glitchy in the very middle of me programming Textcraft. But I got that all straitened out and now Textcraft has been released with version 2.0! Textcraft is mostly a survival game than a creative game. But I would rather have that than the oposite! There is now Health and apples so if you punch a tree there is a 33% chance of an apple falling! I don't know how I am going to add upgraded tools, but the ones that are in now are pretty good! yes, they can still break and when they do you loose them. I might find a way to put a saved game where you can put your world in a .SAV or .DLL file. But I will see if I can get that logic straitened out! Maybe In the next update I can add a hoe and you can till soil and make bread to eat! because the only foods right now are Rotten Flesh and Apples. But over all, The game is pretty much in tip-top shape!

Try the NEW domain! 
September 15, 2012

Horray! FARA now has a main domain! That domain is... YAY! I actually got it to work! Remember, the OLD domain works too! so its all good if you don't want to remember the new one! but if you like the fact that you don't have to remember "webs" then you don't have too! ALSO, remember when you tell your friends about FARA, it would be simpler to tell them the new domian because it is far easier to remember! ALSO, I am still updating Textcraft! SOOO update 2.0 is going to come out REALLY soon! STAY TUNED!

New games! 
September 13, 2012

There are now new games for FARA! Those games include Escape! 3D and Textcraft! They are both my games and I took much time and effort into them! Escape! 3D is a 3D game (duh) and writen in JAVA. But not just java, but java eclipse! and that is the same software that Minecraft is made from! Yes, I am a huge fan of Minecraft and Marcus Persson! But anyway...Textcraft I have been working on for days and I have hopefully got rid of the bogs in there, if you find one please notify me in the forums!! so yes! Textcraft has reached 1.5 or 0.1.5 for that matter, and I shall be working on texturepacks and more food! Textcraft  shall update soon! maybe even later today! But yea, what I'm trying to say is...CLICK THE GAMES CATEGORY!

September 9, 2012

Textcraft is obviously a little remake of Minecraft which actually has crafting, an inventory, trees and a breaking effect! Textcraft is a Text based minecraft remake that is actually pretty logical!  It might have a simple world gen! and whenever you break a tree, it plants a new one in the same spot! the game is still in very early alpha and is currently in 0.0.1. I started this project yesterday just to see if it was posible and it actually is! I have so far never seen a minecraft remake writen in .bat! This might be a project that will be updated often! DEMO RELEASED SOON!

CoDee's Making new games! 
September 7, 2012

Hazah! I'm glad that I'm not the only one making games for FARA! CoDee is working on some sick games which incude Mini Miners (demo released today) and Co-bots. Mini miners is basicly a game where you mine down to find the next tunnel, and when you do, you go down the ladder and go to the next level! Co-bots is an AMAZING game where you walk around as 2 robots who help eachother get to the next level. by hitting buttons to open doors, and maybe pulling switches in later versions!

September 4, 2012

Hey guys, If you are a fan of FARA, remember to check out my good friends website and channel, Mr600dk! his website is! ALSO, My good friend Codee is working on some AWSOME games! and there will be a demo released soon!

September 1, 2012

Just found out that CoDee's game BIT, is NOT active on Mac. Sorry, mac users. I am learning Java, and .jar files can work on Mac. are in for a treat if you stay with me! Also my game that I'm working on in Java is still in SUPER alpha, and will have a demo realease by the end of next week or so. Also, school is on its way and I might not be able to Code as many games as I could during the summer, so there might  be a down fall in game production for the next few months. untill Thanksgiving when I have another break. Also, Escape! 2 might be on its way from a new programmer! everyone give a big hand for SESTO500!

PROGRESS is being made! 
August 28, 2012

Ahhh, good ol' progress! here is a good snapshot of the 3D game I am working on, I don't know what it will be yet, but I think it will be Escape 3D! Im not sure yet. But in the game so far (well, its not a game yet) you can watch as the terrain keeps generating new squares! it is forever going in 1 direction (LOL) and it DOES move but this is a snapshot which well, doesn't. There are NO controls yet, and as of today, it is in version! it levels up a new version every day, because I work on it so much! Next I will make a new version which will have rotation and maybe even controls!

Bit is now Complete! 
August 24, 2012

Hello! My daily 3 viewers! BIT is now out! This game is NOT a Batch game and it is fun! Thanks CoDee! This game was made using a very simple software that allows you to do Object-based programing easily! although I (FaceRadiation) cannot use it, I am trying to work in Java and see how that goes!

August 23, 2012

The game now has all 44 zombies! Sorry for the long wait, It takes time to copy/paste/edit 44 zombies and make all coords for ALL of the places you can posibly go! but it is now complete! Check now in the 'Games" Category, updated and new games are on top! Sorry if you see any bugs, I don't!

3D coding comming soon! (maybe) 
August 22, 2012

I am learning to code with Java Eclipse! Minecraft was made from that! I am not going to recreate minecraft though, I am going to make a First Person Shooter! Also, Zombex shall be finished soon! I have the logic for 37/44 zombies! so I shall finish eather today or tomorrow! That is...If I work on this!

Bit has been updated! 
August 18, 2012

The game made by CoDee has been updated to 0.8! This update includes bug fixes and fixes in the outer alignment. If you have not tried Bit, please do! it is still a demo but updates will include more levels soon!

Zombex is going smooth! 
August 17, 2012

I have to code the GUI of 44 zombies, but copy-paste and a few minor bug fixes, and its good! zombex so far has 3685 lines of code! Also there will now be art next to each game on the website, thanks to the art of CoDee!! I am thinking of working on a Co-op game! this one will most likely be a fighting game, but I am just thinking about this and will most likely be something different when I start to code it.

Oh Crap... 
August 16, 2012

I found out while programming, that its impossible to make the logic connected to one zombie script...which means I will have to program EACH and EVERY zombie...I'm sorry guys, but this will take at least a week or 2 depending the amount of work I put into this each day...which is a lot! But anyway...I found out that the demo alone has 2,702 lines of code! think of the real game :0 This will be amazing! STAY TUNED!

Zombex Demo Now Released! 
August 16, 2012

I put a lot of effort into this game, and I know some people are waiting for this! This is ALL my progress so far. Almost all of the time was making the coordanites of where you could walk too. This means...The game will be realeased very very soon! So far, If you stuble apon a zombie, the game will close. DON'T WORRY! That will not happen in the game, in the GAME, you will be able to fight the zombie with a knife! and your kills will be counted!

Zombex Commin' in HOT! 
August 14, 2012

My new game, zombex will be a big hit! I love zombie games! This game took so much effort to make, it uses a command (batch) called "Choice" and what that basically does is that it lets you hit keys like WASD and you dont have to hit ENTER after every key! This is very esential for the ZOMBEX game! If I work on it long enough, It should be done within a week, 3 weeks tops. This game is a lot more complex than the first! Haha, Complex...Zombex...thats funny!